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Social Enterprise

Openwords is a social enterprise. We believe education should be free and open source.

Personalized learning

Instructors and schools control the content of lessons. You can also adopt lessons created by other instructors and universities.

  • Lessons tailored to your students

    Hire us to build lessons tailored for your instructors and community. Openwords is always openly licensed/OER. We don't own your lessons.

  • Follow your students

    Digitize your worksheets, replace textbook exercises. View detailed analytics on your students' learning. Automate the collection of assignments and grading.

  • Unique payment system

    You can "pay us" by performing useful calculations for the open scientific community. Your university can leverage your computing power to do science and pay our team to build OER language learning exercises for your university. We also accept US dollars and Bitcoin.

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Openwords Application

Openwords has different learning modules. Including single word problems like hearing and simple review. We also have simple sentence construction problems, conjugation and fill in the blank problems. We're even working on a handwriting learning module for Chinese (utilizing the Wikimedia Stroke Order project!). As we (or the community) develop new learning modules or games, we can add them in.

Importantly the teacher will be free to express the curricula they desire.

The Openwords app has a minimalist design. We believe languages themselves are beautiful. We also want to bring the community into the design process as we refine our current design. We're happy to share more about our design concepts; we've thought deeply about these issues, but the process is open to you.

We have an awesome team!

People having been working with us coming from different fields of informatics, design, language, management and many others.

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    Marc Bogonovich
    Founder CEO

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    Roy (Geng) Niu
    Director of Education & Curricula development

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    Shenshen Han

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    Curricula developers
    Image by Zorglub (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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    Openwords has open educational content. Help us improve our shared asset! What language are you interested in?